Is it Necessary to Waterproof a Cedar Fence?

waterproofSummer is coming, and that means it’s time for all of those warm weather fence maintenance tasks, including cleaning and staining your wooden fence. However, not everyone is so sure that waterproofing is necessary when it comes to cedar fences.

We know, because this is a question we get all the time.

It’s true that Northern White Cedar has its own natural defenses against rot. The oils inside of the cedar do offer it quite a bit of protection. However, there are still pressing reasons to offer your fence some TLC by cleaning it every year and staining it every two years.

The first reason is a matter of color preference. Left to its own devices your cedar fence will fade to a silvery grey color. Some people enjoy the color, but it certainly doesn’t look fresh and new the way that a properly stained fence does.

The second reason is the sun. Cut cedar doesn’t really have a defense against damage from the sun, which dries out those naturally protective oils. The drying process could leave your fence defenseless against bugs and rot.

By contrast, staining your fence “locks in” the oils, ensuring that your fence lasts far longer than it would last without treatment of any kind.

If you want to maintain the most natural look just be sure to choose a semi-transparent stain that is close to cedar’s natural color. There are definitely a wide variety of oil based stains to choose from.

We totally get not wanting to do any additional yard work. But we also want you to get the absolute best value out of your fence, which means giving it the TLC that it deserves, year after year.

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