Legal Issues to Be Aware of When Adding Fences, Pergolas, or Gazebos to Your Yard

Building a fence can add a great deal of property value to your home. A properly landscaped fence can add as much as $40,000 to your selling price! A fence also increases the safety and security of your home. It keeps pets and children safe. It protects your privacy. It helps you create a lovely back yard oasis where you can relax. Yet building a fence does create some legal issues which you need to be aware of. If you don’t pay attention to these legal issues then your fence could turn into a big, expensive nightmare.  Property Lines..

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The Seasonal Guide to Wisconsin Landscaping and Lawn Care

If you want a top-notch Wisconsin lawn and garden then you’ll need to give your yard a little TLC throughout the year. There are a few local issues that you should be on the lookout for as well, stuff that you don’t have to worry about, necessarily, in other parts of the country. Here’s a month-by-month guide to the tasks you’ll need to undertake to protect the health of your lawn and garden. Wisconsin’s Native Plants Before we jump in, we do want to encourage our readers to consider native plants. They require less water and less maintenance. They..

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The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Northern White Cedar Fence

A lockboard fence.

One of the biggest advantages to installing a Northern White Cedar fence is that it will last a lot longer than most wood fences. Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, resists knotholes, and resists insects. It’s well suited to form the basis of any outdoor structure. If you take care of your fence in the right way then it should last for the next 15 years, and should remain beautiful until it’s time to replace it.  Unfortunately this fence is not maintenance-free. It will require some attention throughout the year if you want it to look its best in the long run. ..

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