Cedar Fences in Milwaukee, WI & Surrounding Areas

Building cedar fences in and around the Milwaukee area is our specialty. All of our cedar fences are custom made in-house using only top-of-the line Northern White Cedar. We also mill our own wood a quarter inch thicker than most competitors. The end result is you get a one-of-kind, strong, long-lasting fence that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Our Unique Milling Process for Cedar Fences
Every cedar fence we install starts with procuring the best lumber we can find. Each piece of lumber we handle receives three to four quality inspections before it even makes it to a job site. We carefully search for warps and flaws and reject any piece of lumber that doesn’t meet our high standards.

We plane each piece of rough-stock wood ourselves, and cut it to match our specifications, resulting in a solid, one-inch thick piece of lumber that gives our homeowners such sturdy results. All of this is done on a per-project basis. We don’t believe in prefabricating anything!

You tell us all your fence ideas, and we’re happy to make it. We’ll talk to you until we’re sure our understanding matches your vision.

We build each fence with pride and with care, because we want you to be beyond thrilled with the end results. Here is just one example of the many positive reviews we receive:

“Great Quality, professional service and reasonable price.” – Larry S., Milwaukee, WI

What’s So Special about Northern White Cedar?
We use Northern White Cedar on all our fences. There’s a lot to love about this beautiful softwood including:

  • It’s cost effective.
  • It contains natural oils which resist mold, moisture, rot and insects.
  • It’s warp-resistant.
  • It doesn’t need additional chemical treatments.
  • It doesn’t require kiln drying, which means it’s a carbon-neutral choice.
  • All the materials used are 100% biodegradable and won’t end up in a landfill.
  • It decays much slower than other fence materials, which means it can last 15 to 30 years. Lower-quality fence materials may last just 15 years before they must be replaced.

We source all our wood locally, which means when you hire us to build your fence, you’re helping to support Wisconsin’s local economy.

In short, Northern White Cedar is a fantastic investment!

Cedar Fences FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
If you’re reading this page chances are you have some questions about cedar fences. Visit our Cedar Fences FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked questions we get from potential customers.

Types of Cedar Fences
We build and install the following types of cedar fences in and around the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. Please note, you can click on the title of each type of fence to be taken to the lower half of this page to see pictures of that type of fence.

Board on Board
Looking for a classy privacy fence? A board-on-board fence, also known as a Shadowbox fence, might be perfect for you. When we build this type of fence, we layer vertical boards on top of each other so that there is little or no space between boards.

The result is a beautiful textured fence which nobody can look through, ensuring you can block out the rest of the neighborhood with ease.

Want privacy, but feel a little whimsical? Our convex fence designs keep boards snug and tight together as well but provide artistic flare by arranging the top of the fence in a pretty wave pattern.

The waves don’t even have to be the same shape and size: we can vary them up to provide visual interest. Be sure to bring your ideas!

Dog Eared
Dog-eared fences are topped with decorative angles that provide a classic, appealing look. You can opt for fence slats that are snug or loose, depending on the look you’re going for and the level of privacy you want to achieve.

Lattice fences are, without a doubt, one of the prettiest fences you can possibly buy. You’ll get tight slats on the bottom with a gorgeous pattern on the top. The pattern offers the option to create a fence that comes across as a little less severe than other alternatives.

The lattice fence serves as a point of visual interest, which makes it perfect for those who are deeply involved in creating gorgeous landscapes.

Lock Board
A stately fence with boards fit together in the tongue-and-groove style. A gap-free privacy fence that is both elegant and uniform.

Estate Plank
Want a privacy fence that offers a smooth, unbroken flow of wood? Estate-plank fences are the solution. These fences are sturdy and attractive. Lines are clean and tasteful, and the view from the outside world is 100% blocked.

Homeowners who are concerned primarily with security will want to look at the stockade fence. While it won’t turn your home into a fort of old, these jagged-topped fences are certainly difficult to climb.

These fences aren’t as decorative as some of your other options but are a fantastic option if you’re concerned about crime.

The traditional option! If you want to give the impression that you’ve got a warm, happy home, then this is the fence for you. Traditionally picket fences will leave gaps between the boards, which means partial privacy.

When you want to remain friendly with your neighbors and just want to protect kids and dogs, this can be a great thing.

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