Winter Care for Your Gazebo

GazeboWith winter truly settling in on us here in Milwaukee, it can be a rough time for your outdoor fencing and structures. The accumulation of snow can damage wood with its weight, and when it melts then refreezes, it can wreak some real havoc.

In previous articles, we’ve mentioned some tips for Winter Care for your Pergola and How to Protect Your Fence in Winter. Gazebo owners need to take heed too!

Just like your fence or pergola, a gazebo needs maintenance during the harsh, winter months.

Apply Water Sealant

While vinyl gazebos don’t need much more than a regular cleaning, a wooden gazebo needs more time and attention. Protect your valuable investment with the application of a water-repellant sealer. Moisture rots and warps wood, so it’s of the utmost importance to prevent it from reaching it in the first place.

Be sure that you don’t forget to apply your sealant to the floor or to the roof shingles, if they’re also made of wood.

Clear Off Snow
Even with a sealant on your gazebo’s wood, you’ll want to go out and clear off any snow build-up from your gazebo. Snow can be surprisingly heavy! The weight of it on your gazebo can cause damage over time, not to mention get into nooks and crannies when it melts. If it should refreeze while it’s still wet, the expanding of the ice can cause warping.

Make Repairs as Necessary

Just like with fences and pergolas, you need to inspect your gazebo for damage after every storm. Winter comes with terrible, blustery winds that can send loose boards and shingles flying. Tighten screws if you find any loose ones, repair loose boards, and plan to make repairs as soon as possible. Making smaller repairs on a regular basis will help prevent having to make larger, more costly repairs in the future.

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