Which Type of Fences Are Best for Your House?

A fence is a long-term investment that greatly contributes to the beauty and value of your home. Yet it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options! There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a fence, but there are several things you should consider.

Reasons for getting a fence

Why have you decided to purchase a fence? Some reasons include:

  • Increasing your security by keeping people out
  • Helping kids and animals stay safe by keeping them in
  • As a stylish compliment to landscaping which gives your home a beautiful, finished look
  • To surround your pool in order to comply with safety laws
  • To offer you and your family additional privacy
  • To block a view of something unsightly, like a dumpster

Each type of fence performs each job in a different way. Different materials and different styles will do the job differently. Ornamental aluminum fences are better for security than cedar, while cedar fences could offer more privacy and style.

The way that the fence is built works with the materials to create the perfect fence for you. A “stockade” style fence, for example, offers you a lot of privacy, but it won’t do much to show off your landscaping.

The amount of maintenance you want to put into your fence

Some fences require a great deal of attention to keep them looking attractive and pleasant—cedar fences, in particular. Vinyl fences and aluminum fences require much less attention. People with extremely busy lifestyles should probably consider fences that are compatible with their lifestyle.

Though wood fences are generally the most high maintenance, a high-quality cedar fence, milled thick and constructed of top-of-the-line cedar can give you that high-class look without forcing you to get out there to replace your fence every few years.

The style of your home

Different home styles are more naturally suited to different types of fence. For example, a wooden fence is often very complimentary for a Ranch style home, while the picket fence is a classic for cottage style homes. Aluminum fences make great pool fences, especially if there is a beautifully landscaped yard to compliment the fence. You’ll see both types here in the Milwaukee area!

Your personal tastes

That aluminum fence might be great for your house style, purposes, and lifestyle, but if you hate the look of it then it’s a bad idea to get one. Instead, you might want a nice vinyl fence with a complimentary style that serves the same purposes, even if it doesn’t serve its purpose quite as well. The idea is to create a fence that you’re going to be happy with.

Making the choice

Before you make a choice you should get a consultation. As a leading fence company in the Milwaukee area for 35 years, we can show you a variety of different fence styles that are common in our area and give you choices that you might never have even considered before. Call us today at (262) 251-6766 for a free estimate!


  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    I had to install a fence around our pool in order to keep my kids safe.
    We decided on a vinyl fence for looks and low maintenance. It looks nice and the most important part is it will keep our kids safe.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information on which type of fences are best for the home. My wife and I have been looking at building a fence around our front yard so that the kids and dog can play outside safely. We have not yet decided which type of material we will use for the fence but this article has given us some great ideas. Like you said, it is important to base it off your own personal tastes. We have been thinking about a vinyl fence with a complimentary style. Which ever one we choose, I hope it looks great! Thanks again.

  3. Good information. This is true. Fencing your backyard or front yard not only enhances the security and beauty of your homes but adds privacy also. Before choosing any particular type of fencing option, major factors like lifespan of the product, security, maintenance and cost of installation, need to be kept in mind.

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