What You Should Know About Buying an Aluminum Fence

pools_alum12_thumbThere are a lot of reasons why aluminum fences are awesome. They’re very affordable, they don’t rust, they barely need any maintenance and they offer your home a rich, elegant look.

Nevertheless, you should be careful about buying them. Not all aluminum fences are created equal. One big question you need to ask yourself is where that fence was made. And if you don’t know, you should ask, because there’s a big difference between those made right here in the USA and those that are imported, from, say, China.

A lot of contractors do use materials that were shipped in from China. Sadly, this material offers a much poorer quality than domestic aluminum does. Here are just a few of the problems you’d expect to see in imported aluminum.

The use of fillers. You are going to want to see your fence made with 100% pure aluminum. Fillers weaken the integrity of the fence. The last thing you want is an aluminum fence that bends, dents, or warps simply because some filler has destabilized it.

Problems with paint. Many Chinese facilities use lead-based paint, which means your fence could be toxic to young children or animals. In addition, sometimes the process used to clean the metal and apply the paint is substandard, as is the powder coating process. The result? A fence that’s not going to look nice after it’s been exposed to our harsh Wisconsin winters.

Problems with gauge. This refers to the thickness of your aluminum. Imported aluminum offers a much thinner guage, which again means that you’ve got a fence that isn’t as hardy and won’t last as long.

The bottom line? Use a fence contractor who uses high-quality, American-made aluminum. We do. And our customers get a better, stronger fence as a result.

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