What You Need to Know About Buying an Outdoor Furniture Set

outdoor-furniture-setAn outdoor furniture set can transform your lawn or landscape into a staycation getaway. Today’s outdoor furniture offers a staggering level of style and variety.

Where once you might have gotten nothing more exciting than than an outdoor dining set you can now find enough types of outdoor furniture to outfit an entire backyard living room or bedroom. If you place the furniture under a gorgeous northern white cedar pergola you can create the kind of hideaway that you might never want to leave!

Choosing Between Outdoor Furniture Materials

You have four basic choices when it comes to the material that your outdoor furniture is made of.

Wrought iron is a strong, traditional choice. You can get a lot of variety in your design, and you can even find wrought iron in different colors. Make sure that you look for powder-coated, UV-resistant finishes to get the most out of this type of furniture.

Aluminum is lightweight and rust-free. Again, you want powder-coated, UV resistant finishes. This is a great choice if you want metal furniture that is easier to move around when necessary.

Plastic stands up against water better than most other materials. You can even find recycled plastic outdoor furniture if you want to be green about it.

Wood is, of course, always an option. You can find plenty of patio pieces made out of Northern White Cedar. Stain it at the same time and in the same way that you stain your fence and deck. You’ll get a nice, pulled together back yard look.


Now let’s talk cushions, because you’re not going to have much of an outdoor bed or sofa without them. Obviously you need to find cushions that won’t retain too much moisture after a rain storm.

The best way to tackle this problem is to look for solution-dyed acrylic cushions. This type of fabric dries fast and is mildew-resistant. The colors also don’t fade as much under the sun.

Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug really pulls the whole thing together, truly helping you achieve the sensation of being in an outdoor “room” rather than simply sitting in a simple collection of outdoor furniture. You just need to find one that’s resistant to moisture, mildew, and UV rays. This will usually mean purchasing some sort of polyester blend.

Final Thoughts

Plan your outdoor furniture the same way you’d plan any part of your garden or landscaping. Make sure the furniture contributes to the overall look and feel of your back yard. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor getaway!

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