Want to Start a Backyard Apiary? This Community Event Will Help

Do you love fresh, local honey? It’s hard to get better, tastier, fresher honey than honey harvested from your very own back yard.

The City of Milwaukee (and many of the outlying suburbs) do require you to be a certified beekeeper if you want to have and enjoy this experience for yourself.

What’s the easiest way to do that? Take advantage of the Milwaukee County Extension’s Certified Beekeeping program.

The program starts on April 26. You can download a registration form here.

Not sure if you want bees yet? Check out the program before you make the investment. The Extension reports that it can cost $300 to $500 to get started, so it’s best to take the class before you commit to spending the money. You’ll learn a lot about the theory of beekeeping, as well as what it will take to construct your apiary.

This isn’t just a lecture course. There will be hands-on lab work with live bees, too. There are three classes. The second one is May 17th, and the third is June 7th.

The classes will be held at the UWEX Milwaukee County Extension office. You can e-mail Linda Reynolds, program coordinator, with any questions: linda.reynolds@ces.uwex.edu.

As your local Milwaukee metro area fence contractors we hope you will continue to take advantage of these very cool events. We’ll keep right on keeping you informed about the different things going on in your community, especially if it has anything to do with landscaping, gardening, or backyard agriculture. We want to help you enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible, because that’s what our business is all about.

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