Tips for Adding a Gazebo to Your Yard

gazebos milwaukeeA gazebo can be a lovely addition to your yard. You get additional living space and a great place to relax.

If you think you’ll ever sell the house then a well-placed gazebo also serves as an excellent selling point. It speaks of a high-class home that will serve as a haven for some time to come.

You can even add the gazebo to your deck, creating a shady spot for entertaining. However,a great gazebo does take some planning. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of yours.

Sit in the Spot

Don’t simply assume that the spot you’ve chosen is the best possible spot for your gazebo. Consider sitting in the spot you envision the gazebo being in.

Think about the view you’ll be looking at. Are you staring at the side of your house? Into your garden? Into the neighbor’s yard in a way they might find uncomfortable or invasive?

Try several spots in your yard to find the one that suits you best. Think about entertaining or relaxing in your gazebo and consider whether or not you’ll be happy with the spot you’ve chosen.

Consider Your Entire Property

One landscaping mistake that many people make is they think of their yard as a series of little segments rather than planning an entire landscaping whole. A gazebo can be a great point of visual interest, but not if it’s randomly placed.

Instead, consider planning your entire lawn and garden around the gazebo. This is good advice for fences, too. Think about your yard as a big painting. Add each feature carefully.

You might even consider using some landscaping apps. Eden Garden Design, for example, lets you take a picture of your yard or garden so that you can accurately use the various visual elements around and plan the look in advance. Garden Plan Pro and MobiTurf help you create surprisingly accurate designs as well.

Consider the Size

How many people will typically sit in the gazebo? How often will it be used?

Will you need windows or bug screens? Will you be placing your hot tub in there? Will two people use it all the time or will you need it for the entire family? All of these are planning considerations that your gazebo contractor will need to know before ever starting to build.

How Much Maintenance Are You Willing to Put In?

Gazebos are like fences in that you can have the elegant look and feel of wood or the low-maintenance, low-fuss pragmatism of vinyl. Which will suit you best? A gazebo in poor repair isn’t going to be a peaceful, serene addition to your yard.

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