Time to Think About Fall Planting?

fall-plantingWhen people think about planting they usually think about spring and early summer. But late summer and early fall can also be a great time to plant.

Fall planting can be great for several reasons. First, rainfall is a lot more predictable.

Second, the cooler weather encourages plants to work on their roots rather than their leaves, which means they get stronger during the warmer months when leaves and flowers are ready to flourish.

But don’t take my word for it. The Wisconsin Master Gardener’s program will tell you all about getting a second wind out of your garden.

In the dog days of summer the vegetable garden often takes a nose dive as heat, drought, disease, and insects take their toll on plants. You may think about just letting go, but this is actually a great time to replant for a great fall harvest.

…The trick to getting another crop from your garden is to select the appropriate plants that will thrive in cooler days ahead.

If you’re more about flowers, trees, and shrubs than the vegetables you may still want to consider fall planting. Some flowers, such as peonies, can only be planted in the fall if you want to see them bloom in time for spring.

If you need to re-sod your lawn fall is actually the best time to do it. The University of Wisconsin suggests getting this task done between August 15th and September 15th, so now is the time.

You should always remember the mulch when you set out to do your fall planting. The soil is still cooler at this time of year, which can be a problem. Mulch helps you keep soil temperatures favorable to your plants.

Of course, you should check the profile of each plant that you want to work with before committing to fall planting. But those who enjoy hands-on landscaping may be relieved to know that the fun isn’t over yet!

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