Time for Lawn Care!

We’re heading hard into August. And it’s not just back-to-school shopping time.

It’s also time to give your lawn some serious attention. For example, this is the time of month your lawn needs some serious watering TLC. Remember not to go overboard on the frequency. Water deeply, not daily. And if you’re not a habitual early riser try to set your clock for your watering days at least…mornings are the best time to help your lawn flourish.

And if your lawn is dry, dead, and sad, then mid-month will be the perfect time to install a new lawn. But first: find the source of your lawn problem. If it’s grubs, for example, then you’ll need a good grub killer.

Don’t forget to review our previous post: August is the Month for Addressing Unhappy Lawns so you can grab more tips. The work you put in now will really pay off in the spring and summer of 2020. If you don’t do it now, you won’t have another chance.

It’s a good time to do some refresher planting as well. If you want fresh, cold-tolerant vegetables for your table come fall, this is the time to do it. This is also a good time to get some cold-tolerant herbs in the ground.

Hearty tolerant plants do well in autumn container gardens. If you’re worried about your landscape looking a little sad and tired beneath the glory of the autumn leaves, then start considering what you can put out now. You can bring them back in when the cold weather hits, and then enjoy them all winter long.

Start making your list for fall now, since that will be the ideal time to plant bulbs and trees. There are in fact a number of tree-care items that will need doing once fall is official, so put together a list now before you forget.

Finally, while we do install fences well into the winter time, at least until the ground is frozen over…this is a great time to get your fence done. The busy nature of the upcoming month makes it hard to relax in your yard, which means the fence-in-progress won’t intrude on your life. Call now and it could be ready to go for your Labor Day barbeque, or at least by spring.


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