Three Unusual Ideas for Decorating Your Fence

Often, a fence is overlooked as an opportunity for decorating your back yard. Most folks don’t go beyond a couple of coats of plain paint or a stain, which is a shame, because there’s a lot you can do to a fence to make it a truly unique work of art.

Unique Painting Ideas

Instead of going with plain white or a colored stain, try out a palette of two or three colors to paint. Alternate with a new color every three or four panels for a striped look. If you’ve got artistic talent, or if you want to give your children a chance to show off their talents, try painting a mural on your fence.

Whether it’s as simple as a few daisies and frogs or as elegant as a painted garden, painting a mural is a great, inexpensive and fun way to freshen up the look of your backyard

Shadow Boxes

Though they’re not very decorative themselves, shadow boxes are a great way to add some shelf space to your fence. You can use them to hold up flower pots or garden sculptures, adding texture and color to your fencing.

For extra variety, you could paint the boxes in different colors or make them out of different materials, like metal sheets or old grating.

See this great article to watch this principle in action!

Sculptures of Metal and Glass

Whether you buy them from a garage sale, from a specialty shop, or make them yourself, adding sculptures to your fence is a great way to personalize them. Anything you can imagine can be hung up on a fence the way you’d hang a picture on the wall.

Some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your fence are metal flowers, metal picture frames with painted interiors, glass window frames, vintage hose spigots, metal watering cans, birdhouses or lanterns.

The possibilities are endless.

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