Three More Tips for Winter Fence Maintenance and Care

Winter FenceFrom our family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season!

Although winter won’t officially hit until the 22nd of December, we’re already seeing snow, and it won’t be long until we’re pretty much buried in it. This can wreak some serious havoc for your fences, whether they’re made of wood or metal.
With some care and prevention, however, you can minimize the damage before they it turns into costly repairs.

A couple of years ago, we offered some advice on this topic, with 4 Tips on How to Protect a Wood Fence in Winter. This information can still help you out, and we have some more to offer you.

Get Repairs Handled Now

Do you have large, noticeable knotholes or wide gaps between the planks of your fence? Winter will only worsen any existing problems with your fence, so now’s the time to schedule a consultation and get those repairs done. If left alone, a small repair could end up becoming a BIG one, costing you extra money.

Use High-Quality Products

Your fence is an investment. When it’s in good repair, it raises your property value, protects your privacy, and it looks good. High-quality stains and paints protect your investment. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars for that better brand of paint than to spend several extra hundreds of dollars repairing or replacing whole sections of your fence.
When choosing wood for your fence, don’t settle on cheap materials. Good, high-quality wood will last far longer than cheaper, requiring less repairs and less replacement in the long run.

Frequent Inspections

After every heavy storm or blizzard, get outside and inspect your fence. Many people mistakenly assume that once the bad weather comes in, all they have to do is sit inside and wait it out until spring. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Check the grounds of your property and clear out debris if necessary. Check the boards of your fence for any obvious damage, especially missing planks, breakage or warping.

Keeping up a regular maintenance schedule will ensure an extended life for your exterior fence.

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