The Pros and Cons of Wooden Gazebo Kits

pros-cons-gazebo-kitsIf you’re looking at having a gazebo built and you’re considering all of your options, you may have given some thought to wooden gazebos. Often, when we talk to clients, they want to know what makes our gazebos different from the gazebo kits at the big box stores or specialty stores.

We decided to post this article so we could explain both the advantages and the disadvantages of these kits. We hope to help you make an informed decision about your gazebo.

After all, gazebo kits are a viable option for committed DIY enthusiasts, or people who are on a tight budget. They are considerably less expensive than the kinds of gazebos we make (high-quality, custom built gazebos crafted from the finest Northern White Cedar).

The Pros of Wooden Gazebo Kits

Gazebo kits are cheap and inexpensive. That’s why people start thinking about them in the first place.

In addition, some gazebo kits do come with many options, including lighting options. Screened gazebo kits give you a full enclosure to work with.

Of course, you should be careful if you’re basing the decision to buy on your possible options, since those options are usually restricted to high-end gazebo kits. If you’re looking for something out of Lowes or Home Depot you’re probably not going to see very many options at all.

And of course, as we mentioned, these kits can be a lot of fun for a DIYer. Someone who knows what he or she is doing can usually get decent results from a kit.

The Cons of Wooden Gazebo Kits

Many gazebo kits have quality issues. These can include low quality wood, parts, and inferior hardware.

These problems can plague even high-end companies because they are symptoms of kits that are produced in factories. A factory-built solution always has the risks of potential quality problems.

Also, if you don’t actually know what you’re doing you could burden your property with a dangerous eye-sore instead of a lovely backyard getaway. Who can enjoy a gazebo that is plagued with unsightly seams, waves in the screens and doors that won’t close properly?

This means that many people will still need to hire someone who can help them install the kit. Your savings start to evaporate at that point because you’d need to add $1500 to $2000 to the price of the kit in order to get the best results by hiring a professional contractor.

You could reduce those installation costs somewhat by hiring a general handyman, but that’s a risky move. He or she may not truly have the proper experience to deliver a great result.

The Custom-Built Comparison

You get a different experience when you choose to have someone custom-build your gazebo. It all starts with milling and cutting high-quality wood that’s been specially chosen for your job.

Then, the wood is transformed into a unique outdoor getaway. The new custom gazebo has been built to last, an investment in fine workmanship that will offer many days and nights of long-term enjoyment to you and your family.

Wooden gazebos kits do have their place. They can be a solution worth considering if you’ve made a thoughtful assessment of the pros and cons of using them.

If you do decide these kits offer a good solution for your yard then we urge you to at least stick to the most reputable company that you can find. However, we also caution you, because we want you to understand that even the most high-end, reputable wooden gazebo kit company simply cant create the same kind of experience that you’d get with a custom built gazebo.

Bottom line? Like everything in life, you get what you pay for so set your expectations accordingly.

If you’ve decided to install a custom-made gazebo then give us a call. We’ve been building high-quality gazebos in Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, and the rest of the Milwaukee metro area for over 35 years, and we can help you enhance your yard with a gazebo that you can be proud of.

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