The Magic of DIY Outdoor Decor

Creating the kind of outdoor decor that makes your neighbors green with envy requires a touch of inspiration and a dash of creativity. Certainly, much of the magic comes from knowing how to make all of the elements of your landscape work together.

There’s nothing quite like climbing roses trailing lazily over the planks of a cedar fence, for example, especially if lovingly and cleverly placed in a way that accents an outdoor room.

However, there is a lot to be said for including unique outdoor accessories in your back yard, too. And the truly impressive pieces are those outdoor accessories which nobody else has, simply because they can’t be purchased in a store. They’re customized and personal to you, because they’ve been created with your own hand.

Since joining Pinterest I’ve been fascinated by the number of pins that revolve around creative upcycling. Here are some of the cool ideas I’ve run across. Some of them are rather quirky, and they won’t be for everyone. But they might spark some creativity, and when it comes to upcycling you’re only really limited by your imagination.

Have these great ideas sparked your creativity? What’s lying around your house, ready to be turned into something new and unique? How will you be upcycling? Speak up in the comment section!

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