Take Advantage of Fox Point’s Rain Garden Program

rain-gardenWe love the great outdoors at A1 Fence. That’s why we occasionally take the time to talk about how folks can help preserve Wisconsin’s natural resources.

We know, we know, the snow isn’t even off the ground yet. But you might remember us talking about rain gardens.

And if you wanted to go ahead and get a jump start on your rain garden we figured it would be important for you to know that the village of Fox Point has an MMSD Rain Garden Program that is offering rain garden plants for just 50% off the retail cost.

Plants are provided at a reduced price for your rain garden. Plants must be purchased in quantities of 4 pots. Plants are only sold in bundles of 4 that cost $7.20 (each 2.5-inch seedling pot costs $1.80), about a 50% discount compared to retail prices. Each order receives 1 FREE 5-lb bag of Milorganite AND 1 coupon for $5.00 off an MMSD rain barrel!

Village of Fox Point

It is a grant program, so you do have to apply. However the program is open to just about any homeowner.

Fox Point has even built some rain gardens of its own. Village Hall has one, as does the local Police department and the Indian Creek playground.

Fox Point also offers homeowners some financial incentives for starting rain gardens. You can earn credits on your water and sewage bill by planting one. If a rain garden still isn’t your cup of tea you can earn similar credits by installing rain barrels or using porous pavement on your driveway. You do have to apply for these credits at City Hall.

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