Support Local Charities at Mel’s Pig Scramble

On Monday, August 5, 2013 at 12:00 pm Mequon golfers will have the opportunity to participate in Mel’s Pig Scramble. The proceeds from this golf outing will help fund a much larger event on September 29th called Mel’s Pig Roast.

Why fund a Pig Roast? Because the Pig Roast itself has raised $323,300 for local charities since 1999. The event supports grants that are written to support human interest charities, special needs charities, and scholarship charities throughout Ozaukee County.

Both events promise plenty of fun. The Pig Scramble itself will offer plenty of prizes. The prizes include a vacation, a Chevy and a $10,000 cash prize.

Participants will play 18 holes. Course refreshments, lunch, and dinner are all provided as part of the event.

The cost of the event is $600 for a group of four. You can register online by paying for the event with your PayPal account. It’s probably best to register early!

The event will be held at 12400 N. Ville Du Park Drive in Mequon.

You can get the information about last year’s pig roast, and the rest of Mel’s events, at this link. You’ll find a lot of Mel’s themed stuff to do this summer, in fact, if you do take a look – not all of it is golf-oriented and price points vary.

Business owners can also take the opportunity to sponsor the event. This is an option for those who like the cause but aren’t into golf.

You can get additional information by contacting Nick Horrigan at 414-339-8321. You can also e-ail him at

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