Style Options for Your New Pergola

pergola stylesPergolas are beautiful additions to any yard or landscape. You have a lot of different options depending on what you want to use the pergola for and where you’re hoping to create it.

Uses for a Pergola

People use pergolas for a variety of different reasons. For example, a very small pergola could be used to block off a section of your garden in order to create a serene meditation spot.

People also use pergolas to enclose patios, decks, hot tubs, and outdoor furniture. You can essentially create an outdoor room for your house.

Wiring up a pergola lets you add lighting, entertainment centers, outdoor fireplaces and more. You’re only really limited by your imagination.

You can also simply use pergolas as interest pieces in your yard. This is an especially helpful technique during the winter, when there’s not much to see in the yard other than ice and snow.

Pergola Styles

To create a separate section of your yard for entertaining or to block off hot tubs you’ll most likely want a freestanding pergola. This can be mounted just about anywhere and it comes in a variety of sizes.

Freestanding pergolas don’t need external walls or structures of any kind. They’re usually square, and can have up to 8 support columns. You’d most likely use one create a special area away from your home.

If you want to block off a patio or create a nice transition between your indoor areas and your outdoor area then you may want to look at an attached pergola.

We secure these pergolas to your existing house wall. They’re also nice pergolas for the cost-conscious since they need fewer materials and fewer support posts.

We can even generally get these types of pergolas up relatively quickly, just in case you’re already thinking about your summer entertaining!

Walkway pergolas are nice additions to large yards with garden paths. They can be placed over the path to create a shady walkway.

You could then adorn your walkway pergola with vines, lighting, or hanging plants to increase the amount of shade and beauty that this pergola offers. You might also add a bench so that someone might take a moment to rest alongside the garden path.

Some people just want a smaller pergola to serve as a nice place to hang a garden swing. If you don’t already have a front porch area and you want to create something like that then this might be the pergola for you.

Other Options

Pergolas are similar to fences in that we can use a variety of different materials to build them. Northern White Cedar makes for particularly beautiful pergolas that smell nice and last a long time. You’ve also got options in terms of size, roof style, and materials.

If you’re ready to add a beautiful new pergola to your yard then call us today for a free estimate. We’ve been installing fences and pergolas in Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Waukesha and the rest of the Milwaukee metro area for over 45 years.

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