Want to Reduce Stress? Get a Fence!

Stress Less FenceThese days, stressful lives are the norm. And if you look around, you’ll see dozens of articles and blog posts about how to reduce stress or overcome stress, because it can really do a number on our bodies and on the sharpness of our minds.

Breathe deep! Sleep more! Eat right! All good advice.

But having a refuge that you can escape to at the end of a hard day really helps too. Outdoor escapes are even more ideal–psychologists say that there are clear stress-reduction benefits that come along with spending time outdoors. Looking at clean, beautiful landscapes helps, too.

But it’s hard to enjoy these spaces if the outside world starts to press in on you. Without some kind of boundary the space just doesn’t really feel like a refuge. It’s not quite secure. It’s not quite yours.

After all, without the fence, little stressors will start to creep in despite your best efforts. Noise. Having to watch your neighbors and knowing they’re looking at you, too. You name it.

It’s hard to relax and feel safe in those sorts of conditions!

It’s true that a fence won’t block out the sound of a guy mowing his lawn down the street. But that sound will seem

That means your stress levels will automatically be lower as you enjoy your own yard.

By enclosing the space, you give yourself the chance to enjoy a place that looks and feels more like an outdoor room. It’s easier to feel like you are taking a mini-vacation when you step outside to enjoy your yard.

Are you ready to experience some real stress relief this summer?

If you live in Mequon, Menomonee Falls, Fox Point or anywhere else in the Milwaukee, WI area, call us today! We’ll give you a free estimate on your custom-built fence.

Stress less. You deserve it!

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