Stockade Fences

Looking for a fence that provides both security and beauty to your back yard? A Northern White Cedar stockade-style fence may be the best option for you. 

These fences are difficult and treacherous to climb, provide plenty of privacy, and, when custom-created by A1 Fence, retain all of the beauty and advantages of custom-milled and cut Northern White Cedar.

What is a stockade style fence?

A stockade-style fence is any fence that contains the following properties:

  • Wooden boards, placed snugly against one another so there are no gaps.
  • Sharp, pointed tops.
  • A continuous fence style that provides you with an unbroken perimeter.

This is one of the most popular fence styles that we install here at A1-Fence, simply because many of our customers enjoy the many benefits of this fence type.

What are the benefits of a stockade fence?

Privacy is the most obvious, #1 benefit. If you want a fence that will allow you to relax in your back yard without dealing with the neighbors, this is the one. This fence will also keep your kids safe and sound. With a little bit of additional protection, this fence style will keep your dog safe, too.

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Another benefit of this fencing style is, frankly, the security. In most Wisconsin counties, fences can be no more than 6″ tall on most properties. This means that a determined prowler could still climb many fence types.

The stockade fence removes this threat. Few people want to hop a fence when they know sharp wooden spikes might ram into their belly. This fence style isn’t fatal to anyone who might want to give it a go, but it sure isn’t comfortable, either.

Finally, of course, there’s the way we build stockade fences, which provide you with additional benefits. We mill our boards thicker than anyone else we know of in the Milwaukee metro area, which means your Stockade fence will be sturdier: resistant to wind, weather, and determined vandals alike. 

In addition, we use Northern White Cedar: naturally insect and rot-resistant, and naturally beautiful. If you take care of your fence properly you should have no problem keeping yours up and protecting your home for anywhere from seven to fifteen years.

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How much does a stockade fence cost?

It depends on the length of your perimeter and any options you choose for your custom fence job. When you call us we’ll give you a free, no-nonsense quote that we’ll stick by. This will allow you to decide whether one of our custom-created stockade fences is in your budget.

Why not call us now to set a quick appointment? We’ll be happy to go over all your options.

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