Spring Cleaning for Your Landscape

Spring-cleaning-checklistWeather.com predicts that temperatures will soar into the 40s by March 11. It’s hard to believe it now, but spring is definitely on the way.

That’s why we wanted to take a moment to put together a spring cleaning checklist for your lawn. After all, the inside of your home probably isn’t the only thing that could use a little bit of TLC.

Get rid of winter debris.

You’ll have plenty of dead branches to get rid of once the snows melt. You may also find other kinds of garbage that got buried and concealed beneath all of that snow. You can’t have a nice looking lawn if you don’t get rid of that stuff.

Remove the burlap.

Did you put burlap on your trees and shrubs to keep them safe? If so, it’s time to go ahead and remove that stuff.


Inspect your trees and your shrubs. Go ahead and get rid of any branches that died during the winter season. They aren’t attractive, and they’re actually detrimental to the health of your trees.

Get rid of dead plants.

You’ll need to pull up your annuals if you planted any. Existing mulch is probably spent, and there might be dead vegitation everywhere. Time to clear out the old to make way for the new!

It’s useful to compost all of this stuff, too.

Remove damaged turf.

Some of your grass may be a lost cause thanks to winter salt. It will be time to throw down some grass seed in just a few short weeks, so you might as well get rid of the dead stuff now.

Inspect your fence.

Make sure your fence posts are stable and secure. Then, check the rest of the fence to make sure it’s in good repair.

A leaning fence can be dangerous. If you live in the Milwaukee, WI metro area please make sure to call us right away so that we can give you a free estimate on a repair or a replacement.

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