Spring Cleaning for Your Landscape

spring-cleaningIt’s sort of struggling and limping along, but spring is more or less here. And while you can’t get most plants in the ground yet there are still a number of different tasks that you can do to get ready as the snow starts to melt away.

If you’ve got some time this weekend, you can get started with any or all of the following.

Shrubs and Trees

Your shrubs and trees are likely to need a bit of TLC. After all, they’ve been sitting out in the winter weather all season long.

If you wrapped roots with burlap you can start by removing all of that. Then you might want to bring out your pruning shears. It’s not rocket science–just look for dead or damaged branches. Snip them away so that the tree or shrub has room to flourish.

Attack Your Annuals…and your Perennials!

You probably have some dead annuals in the ground which need to be removed so that you can fill up your landscape with new, bright plants the moment the weather turns.

This is also a good time to divide and separate perennials.

Rake up Debris

If there’s any dead leaf debris in your lawn or landscape you can rake it up now. Combine it with your old annuals and use them to create a compost pile, if you’re so inclined.

Check Your Lawn

Salt and the winter itself might have done some damage to your lawn. Spring is a good time for some seeding, but you probably don’t want to re-seed the entire thing.

Taking the time to make a careful assessment will save you time and money.

Check over your fence.

A really well-built fence probably won’t have much wrong with it, but there’s still a chance that boards have rotted or posts have come loose. This is a good time to assess and see if you need repairs, or even a replacement.

If your fence is in good shape then this is also a good time to clean your fence. If your coat of stain needs to be replaced then you’ll need to do that, too.

Plan New Projects

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new fence, a pergola, or a gazebo to your yard this is a great time to get an estimate! We’re just gearing up for our seasonal rush now and if you get an early estimate you’ll get more time to enjoy your new feature while it’s warm.

Do you live in Mequon, Fox Point, or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area, call us for that estimate! We’ll help you build a custom-made addition to your landscape that will really make your home shine.

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