Some Tips for Fence Maintenance in Fall

Fall FenceIt won’t be long now until autumn is officially upon us! September 23rd marks the autumnal equinox for 2015, meaning the days will be equal in length to the nights, and the nights will continue to lengthen up until late December.
Is your back yard ready for all of the leaf raking? Are you ready to put down some fertilizer to help your lawn get through the colder months?

There’s lots to do, and as you fill out your Honey Do list, don’t forget to take a look at your fence. It’s going to need some attention before the snows hit.


If you own a wood fence, excessive moisture can cause a lot of damage, including warping and rotting. Now’s the time to get out there and put on a fresh coat of waterproof paint, stain or sealant.

Keep the Leaves Raked and the Ground Clear

Again, this has to do with preventing the build-up of dreaded moisture. If you let dead grass, dead leaves and other bits of decomposing matter build up around your fence, you’re just inviting trouble. Keeping the area clear lets the ground and your fence dry out after a heavy autumn rain or a melting of winter snow.

Keep the Fence Clear

While you’re out there in your yard, check for any hazards that might fall onto the fence and damage it. During the winter, ice and snow can weigh down a tree branch, causing it to crack and land on the fence.

Inspect for Current Damage

Don’t let a little problem become a big problem! Vigilance is one of the best, preventative measures you can take for the well-being of your fence. If you notice anything out of the unusual, don’t hesitate to contact us if you live in the Wauwatosa, Shorewood, Mequon or anywhere in the Milwaukee metro area. We’ll be happy to come out and repair or replace your fence to get it prepped and ready for the season.

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