Should You Remove Your Own Fence?

old fenceTechnically, removing a fence isn’t really that hard. You can use a hammer to pull the boards off the rails. Then, the posts need to be dug up and removed. Sounds like something any child can do, right?

Not so fast. Remember that the posts are usually mounted with concrete and gravel. You need specialized equipment to remove them. It’s not something you’re going to want to do with a sledgehammer. In fact, you can hurt yourself in the attempt. Even professionals get hurt while doing this type of work sometimes.

If you’re going to get a new fence anyway there’s also no point in going out there and doing the work yourself. We’ll generally include the removal of an older fence in our quotes. That means you can go inside and enjoy yourself while we do all the hard work (and take all the risk). We’re insured for it anyway…you aren’t. Who wants to add medical bills when you’re just trying to create a beautiful spot to enjoy your yard all summer long?

We’ll also help you navigate other fence removal considerations. There are some legal implications to removing a fence which you might not be aware of. (We cover some of them in a previous post).

Living with an old, nasty, ugly fence is no fun. But resist the urge to turn it into your next DIY project. Instead, call the professionals at A1 Fence for a free estimate on fence removal and replacement. We’ll show you how you can turn that eyesore into a gorgeous new customized fence that conveys your personality, protects your privacy and creates a beautiful new hideaway for you to enjoy.

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