Recycle Your Live Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-recycleChristmas will come and go before we know it, and while some people in the Milwaukee area won’t take down their trees until January 6th, others will be packing the ornaments away by Friday.

Which begs the question of what, exactly, is to be done with the Christmas tree if you bought yourself a live one.

You always have the option of pulling it out to the curb, of course, and letting the garbage man take it away. But if you are so inclined there are ways that you can recycle the tree, too, and several of those methods are quite beneficial for your landscaping.

As it turns out, for example, Christmas trees make an excellent mulch. And you don’t have to figure out how to make mulch yourself. There are 2 self-help recycling centers in Milwaukee, so from Tuesday through Saturday you can go in and get a big bag of mulch.

To prevent the tree from making a mess in transit think about getting a tree bag. You simply slip the bag over the tree and carry it out–which means you’re not going to find yourself picking up dead pine needles till February.

The recycling centers are located here.

If you’re not inclined to mulch up your tree right away you can turn it into a bird feeder. Once you’ve made sure all the hooks and ornaments are gone you can relocate the tree outside, secure it to the ground, and hang natural bird foods from the tree. This natural feeder will last a whole year, after which it’s far easier to mulch at home. It may provide your yard with some much needed winter visual interest, too!

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