Picket Fences

Is there any fence type more iconic than a picket fence? For years, the “white picket fence” has been used as a symbol for the American Dream. These fences have been a marker of safety, stability, security, and prosperity since the late 1800s. 

The word “picket” comes from the Old French word piquet, meaning “pointed stick or board.” They were once used to defend military forts. Todays picket fences are beautiful, elegant, and still offer the modern homeowner plenty of security. 

Are picket fences expensive? 

This fence style isn’t any more expensive than any of the other fence styles we offer. In some cases, they’re less expensive because they use a little less in the way of materials, than, say, a stockade or estate plank fence.

The expense will depend on the materials you choose and the number of feet of fencing you need. We offer both Northern White Cedar picket fences and vinyl picket fences. 

Can you create a white picket fence? 

If you want a true white picket fence vinyl is usually your best bet. While you can paint a northern white cedar fence we don’t recommend it. What we recommend is an oil-based stain, and oil-based stains don’t come in white. They do come in some gorgeous rich wood tones, and even at times some reds, purples, blues, greys, and greens. What you can’t find is white.

If you’re determined to have a cedar fence and you really want it white, see our tips for painting a wooden fence.

Vinyl can be a little more vulnerable than wood, so this is a matter of personal preference. See: The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fences to help you make your decision.

What is the spacing between pickets on a picket fence?

We usually place a 2 ½ inch gap between the pickets, which is the standard gap.

If you’d like a wider or tighter gap, just let us know! One of the advantages of working with a custom fencing company is the ability to get your preferences met. Just tell us what you want. If it’s feasible fencing, we’ll make it happen.

Want a picket fence for your home?

If you live anywhere in the Milwaukee metro area we’re happy to help! Contact us for a free quote to find out exactly what it will take to make the picket fence dream a reality for your home.

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