Are You Giving Your Outdoor Furniture Enough Winter Protection?

outdoor furnitureOutdoor furniture is often advertised as something which can withstand all-weather conditions. However, our harsh Milwaukee metro area winters can really do a number on all kinds of outdoor furniture.

Of course, much depends on the type of outdoor furniture that you have. For example, Polywood furniture can withstand the snow just fine, and doesn’t really need any special attention. Resin wicker furniture can take the snow with the help of heavy duty mildew-resistant outdoor furniture covers.

Other furniture types may just need to come inside. Plastic can grow brittle in harsh winter conditions. If someone accidentally sits down for a moment they could well snap the chair. Bring these furniture items into a garage or shed.

Metal furniture tends to do okay so long as it’s powder coated aluminum, just as your powder coated aluminum fence would. However, you need to make sure that all of the powder coating is in tact. If it isn’t, the underying aluminum can still rust. You can correct the problem with a special touch-up paint meant for powder coated surfaces, such as Orbit paints.The same, of course, goes for your fence. Now is a good time to check, even if you hadn’t before. As of this writing there isn’t any snow on the ground. It might be a good idea to get out there while you still can.

Wooden furniture should be fine so long as it has been stained. However, if your stain is older than two years or if you’ve simply never stained the furniture it may be a good idea to go ahead and get that into a garage or shed for the time being. Make sure you take care of it next year!

Finally, let’s talk about outdoor furniture cushions. You shouldn’t be leaving them out if you’re not using them anyway, since they’re resistant to UV rays and mildew, but not immune. There are huge heavy duty outdoor boxes that you can use to stow your cushions when they’re not in use. A resin wicker box with a furniture cover should take care of your cushions during the snowy season as well.

We’ve gotten a bit of a weather reprieve, but you never know when the next snow will hit. Take advantage of it to protect your outdoor patio furniture.

Speaking of reprieves, you can still get your new fence, pergola, or gazebo installed right now too. If you live in Wauwatosa, Shorewood, or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area then we can take care of you right now, since the ground hasn’t frozen yet. Call us for a free estimate.

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