One Simple Way to Decide What Kind of Fence to Add to Your Lawn

VinylFenceThere are a lot of different fence types, and some of our customers get caught up in “analysis paralysis” when attempting to decide which fence to install on their properties. Of course, there are plenty of different variables that will go into this decision, such as your budget, or the way that you plan to use your fence.

But there’s another variable that you should be taking into consideration. In fact, this one variable may even matter more than all the others.

Look around your neighborhood. What kinds of fences are your neighbors building?

Now, we’re not telling you to stop being an individual. You have preferences, and it might even irk you, just a little bit, to hear that we think you should give even a little bit of thought to what your neighbors are doing. Just hear us out.

See, fences do impact your property value. And property values can be tricky.

If everyone in the neighborhood has a vinyl fence then you might actually price your home right out of the local market by adding a northern white cedar fence, which is going to be a higher quality fence. We do both, and both can serve many of the same purposes.

For example, both fences can be designed to offer you privacy, or they can be designed to fulfill a more decorative purpose.

Now, if you’re planning on being in this home for the rest of your life this might not matter. But if you’re the “odd man out” your house could appraise too high–which means nobody will buy it because you’ll have to offer it at rates that outstrip most of the neighborhood pricing–or too low, which means that you might not be able to sell the house for the amount you’re hoping to achieve.

Already know what kind of fence you want? If you live in Menomonee Falls, Whitefish Bay, Shorewood or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area, we can help! Call us for your free estimate today.

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