November Doesn’t Put an End to Yard Work

november-yard-workYou may think that the coming of November means that you can quit paying attention to your lawn and landscape for awhile. Surely all that mulching you did last month was the end of it, right?

Actually, your yard can still use some TLC.

First, there’s all the raking you’ll need to do. Chances are you’re still getting plenty of leaves on the ground, and you can’t leave them there if you want a lush, beautiful lawn in the spring.

Sure, the leaves will decompose, but not in a way that helps your grass. You’ll just smother it–and trap enough moisture to all but guarantee fungal growth. Compost the leaves instead so you’ll be able to apply them where they might actually do some good in the spring.

If your lawn is established you shouldn’t have to water it much as long as it isn’t wilting. If you just planted your lawn then you’ll need to keep watching it and fertilizing it.

EIther way, you’ll need to keep cutting your lawn right up until the first snowfall.

Admittedly, these aren’t the really fun gardening and landscaping tasks that you get to do in the spring and summer months. They still have to be done, however, and you’ll be happy about the results when you are enjoying your lush, green, beautiful lawn in the spring.

While you’re tending to your lawn you might think about getting a new fence installed so that you can really enjoy a backyard hideaway next spring. We install fences, gazebos and pergolas even in winter, so call us today for a free estimate. We serve Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, and the rest of the Milwaukee metro area.

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