Why You Don’t Want a DIY Vinyl Fence

5-VinylA vinyl fence can be a lovely addition to any back yard. They’re very easy to care for.

They can be any color you want, and you never have to paint them. In short, they’re a great solution for busy homeowners.

But only if you have them professionally installed. Otherwise, you could run into some serious problems.

Cheap gets expensive.

First, let’s talk about big box store pricing for vinyl fencing. Sometimes, you’ll open up the paper and see what appear to be some great deals.

Unfortunately, when you go into the store you’ll find those deals are only on the fencing panels. When you install the fence, however, you’re also going to need posts, caps, and concrete.

This is a bait and switch tactic, and it’s not a very good one.

Then there’s the quality of the vinyl itself.

Commercial grade vinyl vs. Big Box vinyl.

Buying vinyl fencing for a DIY project is risky business. That’s because it tends to be very low-quality, light weight stuff.

Keep in mind that denting is the biggest issue that most homeowners run into with vinyl fencing. That’s why you want the highest quality vinyl you can get.

We use commercial-grade vinyl on our custom fences. It’s heavier and tougher. We still don’t recommend you go out there and bang on it with a weed whacker, but it will stand up to a lot more wear and tear than your average DIY vinyl fence will.

DIY vinyl also tends to acquire a yellowish discoloration over time. That’s not at all attractive.

Your time is worth something, too.

Do you really want to get out there and do all the labor and heavy lifting that comes with installing your own vinyl fence when you could have a qualified, expert fencing company do the job for you?

You could be relaxing with your kids, watching television, reading a book, or doing just about anything else with your time.

Besides, we can customize your vinyl fence. You can get your own look and feel for it–and that’s not something you can get if you’re just buying panels from the Big Box store.

You may run afoul of permits and codes.

Sorting through permits and codes isn’t really anybody’s idea of a good time. That’s why we help our customers with that aspect of the fencing project.

If your fence is even an inch higher than the local ordinances that, say, the City of Mequon says they can be then you might end up having to tear it down. If you mis-measure the property line or make other mistakes you could find yourself in a similar position.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you with all of that so you can enjoy your beautiful new fence without having to fight with anybody or anything. It will be as headache-free and maintenance-free as a vinyl fence is supposed to be.

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