Milwaukee’s Growing Power Donates Gardens to Daycares

Plum tomatoes on plant in a greenhouseThis isn’t an event post per se: we just want to recognize a local organization that’s doing something highly cool. This story caught our attention because of our love of gardens and the great outdoors.

Growing Power has spent the last 20 years working to provide “safe, healthy, and affordable food” to communities throughout the Milwaukee area. This year, they’re pursuing this mission by reaching out to daycare centers.

50 area daycare centers will be gifted with free gardens. The gardens will be filled with Cherry and Roma tomato plants. Growing Power will start the gardens–the daycare centers will only need to maintain them once they happen.

According to the News 58 story, founder Will Allen is hoping that this outreach program will help fight childhood obesity.

“This is the start of it,” Allen told CBS 58 news. “The daycare teachers can come out and develop somewhat of a little curriculum around how to grow food. The kids can participate and help plant. So, they can get that hands-on experience of how to grow.”

The daycare doesn’t even need a yard. The Growing Power Gardens are made with composted soil that can be laid over concrete.”

We found a video which explains a bit more about the Growing Power program. They do a lot more than tomato gardening at daycare centers.

If you’re interested in a Growing Power tour, they offer them 7 days a week starting at 1 p.m. for just $10. Check it out if you never have before. Maybe you’ll get inspired to do some edible landscaping back home in your own yard!

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