Lock Board Fences

A lock-board fence is one of the sturdiest privacy fences money can buy. Each board fits together in tongue-and-groove style to create an unbroken, uniform look. Your yard gets completely sealed away from the outside world, turning it into the perfect staging area for creating a hideaway your whole family will love.

These are some of the most popular fences we build. They’re well-suited to withstanding Wisconsin’s wind and weather, and they are exceptionally classy. They fit nicely into the local character of almost all of our local neighborhoods, too! 

How long will my lock-board cedar fence last?

The northern white cedar we use on our lock-board fences can last 15 to 30 years if properly cared for and maintained. These fences are sturdy enough that with the proper annual care we’ve even seen a few of them make it 40 years or more.

We also mill our boards far thicker than our competitors do, just to give your lock-board fence that extra burst of staying power. 

How much will a lock-board cedar fence cost?

Much will depend on the size of the area you’re trying to fence off.

At A1-Fence we always give you a firm and fair free estimate. We stick to what we quote you and we don’t hit you with any surprises.

This means the best way to find out how much your fence will cost will be to give us a call. There’s no obligation and we’ll be able to discuss your vision for your fence, giving you a better idea of what to expect. 

Will my lock-board fence need to be sealed?

We recommend sealing your fence annually with an oil-based stain. This will help prevent checking in the wood, will help protect the color of your fence, and will help keep out mold and mildew. Prior to staining, we recommend pressure washing your fence to clean off any mold or dirt which may have accumulated during the colder months.

While cedar is naturally rot and insect-resistant, winter puts a lot of strain on the wood. Staining and sealing your fence helps to give your lock board fence a hand and ensures that it stays nicer, longer.  

Get a free estimate today. 

If you live in the Milwaukee metro area then we can help you install the fence of your dreams. If you love the idea of unmitigated privacy and the look of the lock-board fence style, give us a call.


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