It’s Time to Plant Your Bulbs

BulbsBulbs have to go in the ground before it freezes, and November is the best time to make that happen. With “polar vortex” predictions coming down the wire every now and then it might be best to do this sooner rather than later.

Here are a few tips to make sure your bulbs get off to a great start.

Look for good drainage.

You need a place where the soil drains particularly well. You don’t want to drown your bulbs.

If you’re not sure about drainage, just avoid the places in your yard where you tend to get puddles after a rainstorm.

Look for good sunlight.

Your bulbs will need plenty of sun between now and the spring. If you’ve got spots in your yard that get full sun then use those. Granted, you’ll have a lot more “sun spots” during the spring and winter thanks to the absence of leaves on your trees.

Build beds.

Bulbs thrive in established flower beds. They also simply look better than bulbs that are put down willy-nilly in the yard.

If you don’t have any established beds yet, choose a location, loosen up the soil, and add some compost to give the soil extra nutrients. You might want to border your bed with some stones to set it apart, and you might want to consider putting down a layer of mulch, too.

Read the directions.

Different bulbs like to be planted at different depths, so make sure you read your bulb bag. Every bulb bag will tell you to plant the bulbs pointy-side up, so we’ll give you that one for free right now. 😉

Be careful with fertilizer.

Make sure you avoid adding fertilizer directly inside the planting hole as it can burn your bulb’s roots. Spread your fertilizers on top of the soil once you’ve buried the bulb. The flowers will get what they need.

Don’t forget to watch the zone.

You want bulbs that will thrive here in our Wisconsin climate. Daffodils do well, as do tulips and crocuses. Consult with your local nursery if you’re not sure.

Do you know what else needs to go in the ground before it freezes? Your new fence! If you’d like to enjoy a new fence along with your new bulbs this spring, call us to schedule a free estimate. We serve all of the Milwaukee metro area, including Whitefish Bay, Mequon, and Wauatosa.

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