It’s Time for Some Fall Bulb Planting

FallBulbsAre you hoping for some beautiful flowers come spring time? If so, now’s the time to plant some bulbs!

While you can technically plant your fall bulbs up until the first freeze, the earlier you get them into the ground, the better. More time in the soil allows the bulb to develop a better root structure, which will result in prettier and bigger blooms come the spring.

Some popular choices are daffodils, crocus, tulips, alliums and hyacinths, which grow pretty well up here in our Milwaukee, WI metro area climate.

Don’t forget to consider planting some garlic too if you have a vegetable garden. These plants are also bulbs which can come up during the spring. All you have to do is plant individual cloves about three inches deep and about six inches apart. After that, water and fertilize them, and after the ground freezes, mulch them for the winter weather.

When you look for a spot in your garden to plant, be sure to pick somewhere that has good drainage and gets plenty of sunlight for the type of flowers (or vegetables!) that you’re planting. Read the directions on the bag so you know how deeply and how far apart to plant your bulbs, though if that’s not possible, contact your local nursery.

If all else fails, you can always grow bulbs in pots and containers too. Some materials that can handle Wisconsin’s freezing weather include Styrofoam, polyurethane, wood and concrete.

Need more tips? Read more about fall bulb planting here.

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