How to Spot a Fencing Scam

Engineer Woman Over White BackgroundHere at A1 Fence we’d love to be able to tell you that everyone who claims to be a fence contractor is really just a stand-up individual, ready to earn your business and complete fairly.

If only.

We want to protect our friends and neighbors in Fox Point, Mequon, and the rest of the Milwaukee metro area. That’s why we want to take a few moments to show you what you need to watch out for.

Bad Sign #1: The Lowest Price in Town!

At A1 Fence we believe “the sting of low quality outlives the joy of low cost.” We’re not trying to be the cheapest fence contractors in town. Instead, we custom-build each fence using the highest quality materials.

But even if we were trying to compete on price we’d tell you–too good to be true pricing always is too good to be true.

Scammers quote really low “per foot” prices over the phone, then finds other ways to jack up the price later. This scammer may also use cheap materials after promising high-quality materials. We’ve also seen them use super thin or thinly milled cedar boards which just aren’t going to last.

Bad Sign #2: The Contractor Asks for Cash Up Front

Scammers ask for the entire balance up front. The industry standard is 1/3rd up front and the rest on satisfactory completion of the job. Scammers have no incentive to finish or even start the work once they have your check in their hot little hands.

Bad Sign #3: The Contractor is Not Operating Legally

You should always check to be sure your contractor has a valid business license as well as a valid contractor’s license. You should also have the contractor provide proof of current insurance coverage. Something seems off? Call the insurance company to verify the coverage is current.

Double check the names, too. Scammers often use a name which is very similar to the names of reputable fence companies in the area, hoping to fool you.

Bad Sign #4: Asking You to Sign a Quote

A signed quote is a contract. If your contractor pressures you to sign without warning you of that fact then they’re trying to lock you into a terrible deal. Your fence professional should always be forthcoming and upright.

Bad Sign #5: They Don’t Bother with Permits

Every city within our service area requires a building permit before a fence may be installed. Be very concerned if a contractor starts work without helping you get through the permitting process.

A true fence contractor looks out for your best interests. Your fence is an investment–in your home value, privacy, security, and comfort. We won’t cut corners or try to deceive you. Check reviews and the contractor’s reputation, think twice, and don’t make “cheap” your sole decision factor. you’ll be happier in the long run.

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