How to Remove a Tree Stump

how-to-remove-a-tree-stumpAn ugly, dead tree stump doesn’t do much to make your yard or landscape look good. Fortunately, if the stump has been dead for awhile (at least a year) there’s a pretty easy way to remove it.

Note that if the stump hasn’t been dead for at least a year and you just can’t wait, you’ll need to get a professional to come and help you get it out of the ground. There’s no safe, easy way to remove a stump that hasn’t had time to start dying.

You’ll need just three things to remove a dead stump:

  • A drill
  • Salt or powdered potassium nitrate
  • An ax
  • Time!

Your first step will be to drill holes in the top of the stump. You’ll want to drill them good and deep. Use about 5 holes in a circular pattern.

Next, you’ll fill the holes up with the powdered potassium nitrate or salt. Either will get to work, and will start rotting the stump from the inside out.

This is where time comes in. You’ll have to wait six more weeks for the potassium nitrate to do its job.

Once it has, however, you can easily and safely remove the stump with an ax. That’s because the wood will now be rotted and soft.

That’s all there is to it! You’ll be rid of the stump and you can enjoy the freshly cleared space.

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