How to Plant a Tree

Planting A TreeWant to enhance the value of your property and bring some beauty to your yard by planting some new trees? Trees certainly offer numerous benefits. They offer natural beauty and shade. The right kinds of trees can even help you filter out road noise.

Of course, trees do take years to mature. However, if you’re staying in your home for the foreseeable future those trees will be investments that your children and grandchildren will come to enjoy as well.

Gather Your Tools

Planting a tree isn’t particularly difficult or time-intensive. You should only need a few hours to get in and get it done.

To start, you’ll need a shovel, some measuring tape, and a garden hose. Take the time to plan out where your tree is going to go.

You don’t want to plant too close to a structure only to find out, five years down the line, that your growing tree is damaging pipes, fencing, or an outdoor building. Fifteen feet is usually a safe distance.

Remember: always call Miss Dig at 811 before starting any digging project in your back yard.

Get Planting!

Mark the ground with a large circle, then plant a stake there.

Take note of how wide the tree’s root ball is, and plan to dig a hole about two to three times wider than that.

Measure the height of the root ball and remove enough dirt from the ball to expose the root flare. This is where the tree will spread out its individual roots.

When you dig your hole, only dig to the height of the root ball plus two inches. Don’t dig any deeper than that. If you do, you’ll bury the root flare and harm the health of your tree.

Once you’ve dug out your hole to the appropriate width and depth, dust it with superphosphate to encourage growth.

Position your tree in the hole and remove the wire basket, if there is one. Peel away any burlap wrapping and loosen up the soil around the root ball so that the roots themselves are exposed.

Mix up the soil that you’ve dug out with phosphate and fertilizer appropriate for your tree, then fill in the hole you’ve made with the tree inside.

Be careful not to bury the root flare, and form a six-inch curb around the tree trunk. With your garden hose, water the soil and smooth out the dirt as the water is absorbed.

Caring for the Tree After Planting

Now that your tree is in, you’ll need to water every day for at least six weeks to help ensure proper root growth and establishment. You can also spread mulch over the exposed dirt to help retain moisture, but keep it away from the trunk to avoid rot.

Wondering what kind of tree you should plant? Check out our previous blog post about five trees you should avoid planting here in Wisconsin.

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