How to Maintain an Aluminum Fence

AluminumFenceMany of our customers choose aluminum fences because they’re beautiful, durable, and require very little maintenance. But as we like to tell our customers, “low maintenance does not mean no maintenance, and aluminum fences do require just a little bit of care.

Maintenance for an aluminum fence usually just means keeping it clean and keeping it clear, however.

Keeping it Clean

All of our aluminum fences come with a powder gloss finish that is very effective at protecting your fence from rust, UV rays, and even air. All of these can be oxidizing forces on aluminum.

When aluminum oxidizes it forms an unsightly white powder, so it’s important to keep the powder gloss finish in tact. The biggest threat to your finish, however, is algae, which can and does grow on aluminum fences. Algae eats away at your finish and robs it of its protective power.

Fortunately, you can get rid of algae simply by cleaning your fence with soap and water whenever you see any arrive. Add a little bleach to your water to kill whatever remains.

Keeping it Clear

You always want to make sure that you’re keeping shrubs and trees away from your aluminum fence. Trim them to give your fence plenty of room.

Aluminum is sturdy, and it’s tough. But a big tree root in the wrong place can actually warp the metal so the fence is no longer standing sturdy and straight.

If your fence has already oxidized…

If you haven’t dealt with algae quickly enough then parts of your fence may be oxidized already. Fortunately, you can handle this in two steps.

First, you’ll go ahead and wash the fence. Next, you’ll apply car wax to the fence. This will protect your fence from any additional oxidation. It will also restore the original color and shine of your fence.

If your fence is beyond help…

Some very old aluminum fences may just need to be replaced. If you feel like your fence has grown old and ugly over the years If you live in our service area (Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro), call us. We’ll give you a free quote on a brand new aluminum fence!

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