How to Light a Gazebo – The Easy Way

how-to-light-a-gazeboA lot of our customers want to know how to light a gazebo so they can enjoy their outdoor get-away at night. Usually we’ve told them they’re going to need to have an electrician wire up the whole thing.

Sometimes, having an electrician handle your gazebo really will be the best way to handle gazebo lighting issues. It depends on what you want to do with the gazebo.

A gazebo that houses a hot tub, for example, will need to be wired up anyway. But what if you just want to sit and have drinks with your friends on a pleasant summer evening? LED ribbon lighting might just be your hassle-free, low-cost answer.

LED ribbon lighting is a long, flexible light strip that can be affixed to almost anything. You can cut it and shape it with ease.

They’re water resistant, so they’re safe for outdoor use. They aren’t solar, so you won’t risk having no lights on a cloudy day.

The video below shows LED lights that have been run along the ceiling of a simple gazebo. You can see that the configuration offers a warm, cheerful effect.

The 12-volt option is the best bet for your gazebo. It will also offer power savings (though LED lights use less power than many other types of lights to begin with).

And, if you wanted to, you could run additional accent lighting along your fence and throughout your garden to give your entire yard a beautiful look at night. Lighting your landscape increases your home’s safety overall, so the concerns are more than cosmetic.

What if you don’t have a gazebo yet? Call us for a free estimate on one, of course! We’ll be happy to stop by your home in Menomonee Falls, Fox Point, or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area.

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