How to Keep Your Gazebo Warm in Winter

Winter GazeboOnce upon a time, we discussed why you should avoid bringing a fire pit into your gazebo. But as it turns out, there are some other ways to tackle the problem of heating your gazebo in winter.

And since we also think it would be incredibly awesome to sit cuddled up in a winter gazebo all warm and toasty while enjoying a beautiful winter wonderland, we decided to investigate and make sure you knew all about these methods, too.

Start with low-tech methods.

Add heavy gazebo curtains or sun shades and draw them down. You don’t necessarily want to turn your gazebo into a permanent, enclosed structure, but really heavy curtains should do a good job of blocking the worst of the icy winds. They’ll also keep any heat you manage to generate inside of the gazebo safely inside.

Next, add plush outdoor cushions and pillows to your gazebo seating, and cuddle outside with thick, heavy blankets. In some winter weather this might be all you need to turn your gazebo into a cold-weather getaway.

But if you need a little bit more, we have learned about one solution we like.

Try electric infrared heating.

An electric infrared heater rated for outdoor use is safe enough to use in most gazebos if they are constantly supervised while in use. They don’t produce any carbon monoxide emissions. They also never get as hot as a conventional heater, which means they greatly reduce the risk of fire. For example, according to “Air n’,” children and animals can touch the heater without getting burned. We don’t exactly recommend putting that to the test, but it’s a good sign.

Just make sure you read the requirements for running the heater carefully. You need a GFCI outdoor outlet at the right voltage inside of or near your gazebo to make it work. This project may ultimately require the help of an electrician who can make sure your gazebo has the power it needs.

If you’ve already blocked the winds then this device’s powerful fast heating capabilities could make your gazebo more than warm enough to enjoy, especially if you don’t start shedding your coat and hat right away. And while you can’t toast marshmallows on one like you could a fire pit, you can enjoy a romantic outdoor winter getaway for long conversations or settling down with a good book.

Hey, at A1 Fence we’re solution-oriented people. If we could find a way for you to enjoy your gazebo all winter long, we were definitely going to do it. Now all you have to do is take our suggestions, get out there, and have some fun!

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