How to Clean a Vinyl Fence

how-to-clean-vinyl-fenceThough vinyl fences are low maintenance they still need some attention. In particular, vinyl does occasionally need to be cleaned because mold and mildew can still accumulate on these fences.

Start With the Garden Hose
You usually don’t have to pressure wash a vinyl fence. You can spray it down with a normal garden hose instead. Indeed, sometimes the hose is all that you will need.

If you can’t get everything off with the hose you can turn to a mild scrub brush and the right kind of soap. A scrub brush attachment on your garden hose might also be a helpful touch.

Don’t pressure wash a vinyl fence. The powerful stream of water will just damage it.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals
It’s not necessary to use harsh chemicals to clean your vinyl fence. It’s not even necessary to pick up a special “vinyl fence cleaner.”

Biodegradable soap is a nice option, or you can make your own cleaner. Vinegar, water, and a little bit of castile soap can offer a nice natural disinfectant and anti-fungal substance that won’t be harsh on your fence. White vinegar on its own is also good for tackling any rust spots that appear.

If you have tough stains you can usually tackle these with baking soda. You might be tempted to use bleach, but resist the urge: bleach can kill your grass.

The good news about vinyl fence cleaning is that it really only needs to be done once a year unless the fence is getting exceptionally dirty for some unusual reason. These fences last for years when you care for them properly.

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  1. Laureen Vartanian says:

    I used Barkeepers Friend to remove tire marks from my mower. I’m sure it will work to remove algae.

  2. Bobbi Mongeau says:

    no where have I found how to clean the green that forms on large areas on vinyl fencing. I assume it is mold of some sort. I live in Illinois and find that since last year, it’s really a lot. I know not to use bleach, am not using a Magic Eraser as that would take an eternity, please direct me to the best way to clean the fence.

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