How Pergolas Can Enhance Your Yard

pergola for yardHere at A-1 Fence we don’t just build fences. We also build pergolas. Pergolas give your yard a touch of romance by creating shaded seating areas, gardening areas, or walkways.

They’re a little bit similar to gazebos, but they blend into the landscape a little bit more. They help you create the feeling of an extra room or a hidden get-away.

They also add visual interest. This is especially helpful for your landscaping during the winter, when there’s typically just not that much to see in anybody’s yard. But even during the summer they help draw eyes upward, adding visual appeal and depth to your landscaping.

Pergolas have gardening uses too. You can use them to provide shade for plants that love shade, especially if your yard doesn’t have many trees. You can also use them as support structure for flowering plants and vines.

You can use them to dress up patio entrances. You can create outdoor eating areas or living areas.

Some people use the structure to add outdoor lighting for night time entertainment. You can use this wiring for other entertainment options too, like stereos or big screen televisions.

The possibilities are really endless, especially if you love to entertain. A pergola provides as much fun as a deck, but is more unique.

If you’re not a party person you might enjoy creating a little hidden meditation garden or relaxation spot in the middle of your yard by using a strategically placed pergola. You could add a back yard swing to a pergola to enhance your relaxation.

Pergolas are also fantastic for offering you a little bit more privacy. You might not want a full fence, or your home owner’s association may not allow one. A pergola can give you that enclosed, safe back yard feeling without requiring you to shut yourself away from the rest of your neighbors.

You can place your own furniture under a pergola, or you can have features like benches and tables built right into them. You’re only really limited by your imagination.

In fact, if you’d like to see some fantastic pergola ideas we’ve found quite a few interesting boards on Pinterest.

When we build pergolas we use the finest Northern White Cedar, giving you the benefit of cedar’s long life, rot resistance, insect resistance, beautiful look, beautiful feel, and beautiful smell. We’ve built many beautiful pergola concepts in Menomonee Falls, Glendale, Mequon and the rest of the Milwaukee metro area. Call us today for a free estimate on your new garden getaway!

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