How Cedar Can Be a Gardener’s Secret Weapon

cedar garden secretWinter here in Wisconsin hasn’t even kicked in fully but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to be ready for spring. The winter months are actually a great time to start doing some thinking and planning for your garden. Whether you are an experienced gardener or whether you plan to start one for the first time when spring arrives, proper planning is important!

Here at A-1 Fence we only use high-quality Northern White Cedar to build our wood fences for clients. It’s safe to say that cedar is our favorite wood.

Today we’re going to offer some reasons why you should factor cedar into your gardening. If you’re an organic gardener cedar might just become your favorite wood as well!

You’re going to get advantages for your garden from three sources: your cedar fence, cedar raised bed planters, and cedar mulch.

Any plants that you plant along the perimeter of your cedar fence will enjoy natural protection that they won’t necessarily get elsewhere in the yard. That is because cedar’s ability to repel insects naturally extends to the plants closest to the fence as well.

If you use raised bed planters made out of cedar you’ll enjoy additional protections. After all, the natural insect repellent will surround your plants completely.

Raised bed planters can also be used quite creatively to create beautiful, outdoor privacy screens, or to section off portions of your deck or landscaping for a beautiful enclosed garden effect that won’t require another fence.

Shredded cedar mulch helps you take plant protection a step further. It’s very effective at suppressing weeds, too, which means you can do without the herbicide as well as the insecticide.

The mulch also helps you keep plants from losing water. It reduces the air temperature around the soil, which means heat leeches the water away quite a bit less quickly. You’ll still have to water your plants, of course!

Cedar mulch breaks down very well in order to provide your plants with vital nutrients, which means you can save money on fertilizer, too. It’s not a fast break-down if the chips aren’t broken down quite a bit, but properly mulched cedar can be very useful.

Cedar mulch works very well for both vegetables and flowers, so you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits no matter what kind of garden you’re planning next year.

Of course, you can’t get planters and mulch from a fence contractor. Still, we could help you with the fence part of your gardening. We’ve helped many homeowners in the Milwaukee area create beautiful new fences for their homes and lawns. Contact us anytime for a free estimate! (262) 251-6766

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