How to Keep Your Horses from Chewing Up Pasture Fencing

We build a lot of horse fences for our customers. We use high quality, good, thick, durable wood.

But the wood of our fences does have one natural enemy that can greatly reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of even our fences. The horse himself!

Some horses just absolutely love to chew wood. And since you’re making this investment to protect your horses we wanted to take a moment to talk about ways to solve this common problem.

Add Metal Fence Caps

The fence post is the part of the fence that horses have the easiest time reaching. Often, you can prevent a dedicated fence-chewer from having his way with your horse fence by having metal caps installed on your posts, as we’ve done here.


Metal is not tasty.

Add More Hay

Mechanical solutions aren’t the only solutions that you can turn to. Some horses chew up horse fences because they don’t have enough stuff to chew in their pastures.

A horse in the wild spends most of his day grazing and chewing, chewing and grazing. If the pasture has been pretty picked over the horse is going to be compelled to seek out something else to chew.

So if you add more bales of hay or grass to your pasture, the horse will generally go for those first. After all, they are tasty.

Go Get the Vet

If none of this works it may be time to call in a veterinarian. Sometimes, horses who chew fences have nutritional deficiencies that they need to address.

Your vet can help you determine if this is your problem, and he can help you develop a treatment plan. Once your horse’s nutritional balance has been restored he should stop chewing on your fence.

Replace Chewed Up Fences

Do you have a chewed up horse fence right now? If so, there’s a good chance that your current fence is too weak to protect your horse!

Are you in our service area? If so, call us for a free estimate or a replacement horse fence today. We’re committed to your horse’s well being!

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