Hey Wisconsin, It’s Mulching Season!

Mulch and Garden ToolsPutting down a layer of mulch in the fall season is quite beneficial to your landscape. It can help you control winter erosion, and it can help you protect the roots of your plants from temperature changes throughout the winter season.

Why is it important to keep your root temperature consistent? The benefit depends on the plant.

Some plants are made for our region, so you’re just keeping them in their natural state of dormancy. They’re likely to wake up during milder winter days if you don’t protect them, which means the plant grows weaker and could even die for good the next time a cold snap roars through.

Then there are the plants that aren’t quite up to surviving our harsh Wisconsin winters. They may say they’re rated for our zone, but they may be native to regions that are quite a bit south of here. Those will need the insulation from the cold all season long.

Start the mulching process by removing old plant debris, including dead flowers and weeds. Then, spread layers of mulch in each of your flower beds and around the base of each tree and shrub.

Choose a really good organic mulch like leaves, or undyed bark. You actually want it to spend the winter decomposing so that you gain a nutrient-rich soil when this is all said and done.

It only takes a little extra effort this month to give your garden a great start this year! Don’t wait too much longer, though…fall is definitely slipping away fast.

We aren’t landscapers, but we are fence contractors working in Mequon, Fox Point, and the rest of the Milwaukee metro area. And yes, we do build fences clear through the winter! Contact us for a free estimate today.

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