Fun Event at the Shady Lane Greenhouse

The Shady Lane Greenhouse in Menomonee Falls offers a lot of fun events and seminars throughout the year. One of those is coming up on November 30th.

At 2:00 pm you can attend a wreath making class. Make your own, personalized Christmas wreath with fresh greens.

For this class you’ll need to bring your own pruning sheers and gloves.

While you’re attending the wreath making class your children can attend the “Children’s Swag Decorating Class” at the very same time. Shady Lane provides all of the materials for this class.

The Children’s Swag Decorating class will help kids make handmade gifts for their loved ones. It should be a lot of fun! The cost for this class is $10.

You can register online at Shady Lane Greenhouse for each event.

While you’re there you might consider picking up some garlands to string along your fence. This is a nice decorating option for those who don’t want to mess around with lights.

You might also check out the greenhouse’s flocking services. Flocking covers the freshly cut garlands with a series of white fibers that look snow-touched.

Sure, we might not need much help in that department before long, but the effects aren’t just decorative. They help your garlands live a lot longer, so that you can continue to enjoy the decoration for a lot longer.

You can also choose other colors besides white. “Sparkle” might look quite flashy on, say, an aluminum fence!

Remember, the key to great winter landscaping is the creation of visual interest. Christmas offers plenty of awesome opportunities to go a bit nuts with that visual interest, so have some fun!

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