Coyote Sightings in Fox Point, WI

fox-point-coyoteThe DNR has been warning about coyotes in Fox Point and the surrounding areas recently. So we thought it would be a good idea to talk about coyotes and what you should know about them right here on our blog.

Are coyotes dangerous?

Coyotes generally aren’t dangerous to humans. However, they can be dangerous to pets.

You can protect your pets by keeping them (and their food) indoors, of course. But what if you have an outdoor dog that has been an outdoor dog for as long as you’ve had him?

It might be a good idea to consider installing a fence in that case. Any sufficiently tall fence that is fortified against canine digging should be sufficient to keep your animals safe.

Is there anything else I should know about coyotes in Fox Point?

Try to keep your distance if you see one. Coyotes can carry diseases which can be harmful to you and your family.

If you do see a coyote you should take steps to nail down anything else that might be attracting them to your yard. Take up any bird feeders and make sure all of your garbage can lids are firmly secured. Coyotes will scavenge just about anything.

Can I shoot the coyotes if I see them?

There is a designated coyote hunting and trapping season. However, Fox Point’s city ordinances prevent you from firing weapons at coyotes. Your neighbors are simply too close for safety and comfort.

It’s better to discourage them than to harm them. If you’re really intent on trapping them, however, that is allowed. You can contact the police for more information about approved trapping techniques.

Remember, we install fences even when the snow is coming down. Protect your pets by calling us for a free estimate today.

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