Five Helpful Insects in Your Garden You Might Not Have Heard Of

Helpful InsectsBy now, you’ve likely heard of all the wonderful things that bees, butterflies, praying mantises, spiders and ladybugs can do for your garden. They pollinate and they eat destructive insects that would leave your roses and vegetables looking like a chewed-up mess.
But have you heard about these lesser-known helpers?

Green Lacewings

Delicate and dainty when full-grown, lacewings have pale green bodies, large eyes, and very delicate, lacey wings that give them their distinctive name. While adults feed mainly on flower nectar, their larvae are voracious eaters of all manner of destructive insects, including aphids, mites, small caterpillars and moth eggs.

Parasitic Wasps

Not to be confused with their larger, striped cousins, this family of wasps is known for its small size and big appetite. They are fearsome predators in the insect world, taking a special delight in devouring aphids and cutworms. Plus, as a side bonus, they’re known to aerate the soil and improve its filtration. So if you see these helpful insects buzzing around your garden, don’t get worried about what they’ve been called, and leave the pesticide alone.

Ground Beetles

These large, black beetles are rather unremarkable to look at, but if you see them in your garden, rejoice! They help speed up the growth of vegetables thanks to their larvae who help to mix in fertilizer with the soil. They also love to feast on cutworms, maggots, flies, aphids and cutworms.


They’re known by many names: woodlice, sowbugs, pill bugs, and roly polies. Gently touch them, and they’ll roll up into a tight ball. They thrive in dark, dank areas of your garden and are helpful in breaking down decomposing material while ignoring green plants.

Syrphid Flies

Often they’re mistaken for bees thanks to their black-and-yellow-striped markings, but in actuality, they’re flies. Their maggots are known for feasting on aphids, and the adults become great pollinators for your flowers.

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