Five Great Ideas for a Children’s Garden

Are you looking for ways to encourage your children to get outdoors and dig around in the garden with you? Just like plants, kids thrive when they get outside and into the warm sunshine, and all of that digging around in the dirt boosts their immune system. Not to mention, it teaches them a lot more about the natural world than the computer or television could.
Here are some great and whimsical ideas to help you get your kids outside and into the garden. These will be sure to fire up their imaginations and enthusiasm!

1. Dinosaurs

If you’ve got plastic toy dinosaurs, then you’ve got the beginnings for a dinosaur-themed garden. Take a look at the landscaping of your yard. Small ponds can become lakes, rocks can become boulders, and mounds of dirt can become volcanos with the addition of brightly-colored or painted, red rocks.

Some great plants to incorporate with your prehistoric garden include sedum (which has the added benefit of being drought-resistant), ferns, horsetails, cycads, and magnolias.

2. Fairy Tales

If your child has a love for fairy tales, incorporate some of their themes into your garden. Plant beanstalks for Jack to climb, milkweed for some very hungry Monarch caterpillars, or put out small dollhouses, miniature doors, or miniatures into the garden for the fairies to play with. Sculpted mushrooms in a circle can become fairy rings, while brightly-colored aquarium stones can be laid down for fairy paths.

3. Future Foodies

If your children love a particular type of food, like pizza or spaghetti, plant a garden that incorporates all of the ingredients you need to make it from scratch. Vegetable and herb plants will not only teach your children where their food is coming from, it’ll also ensure they’re getting healthy versions of their favorites.

4. Colored Pencil Fence

Children love bright colors and love having their own spaces. Mark off their own boundaries in the yard with this cool and creative Colored Pencil Fence. Here at A-1 Fence, we do custom-made fences for homeowners throughout the Milwaukee metro area, so call us for a free estimate on how to get one for your children!

5. Water, Water Everywhere

If there’s one thing kids love more than anything else, it’s getting a chance to play in the water. They’ll be running outdoors to play in the garden if you take the time to incorporate some water features like a water wall, homemade sprinklers that reuse plastic bottles, ponds, and waterfalls.

Need Even More Ideas?

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