Final Fall Gardening Tasks

Winter is coming! The Farmer’s Almanac predicts the first flurries of the year will happen around November 29th.

That means you’ve only got a few short weeks to handle your final fall gardening tasks.

Give Your Houseplants Some Shelter

If you have houseplants which you put out during the warmer months then it’s time to bring them inside. Make sure you spray them down for unwanted pests before you do. also suggests taking this opportunity to get them pruned before you bring them inside. The site also suggests acclimating your plants by bringing them inside at night and outside during the day for three days or so. Otherwise the shock of the changing temperatures could damage your plants.

Finish Mulching

Mulching will protect the roots of your plants during the cold winter months. Use an all-natural mulch, like bark. We did a full post about mulching some time ago: you’ll find it here.

The DIY Network also notes you should be trimming back your perennials before you get started.

Plant Your Bulbs

If you want gorgeous tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, lilies or daffodils in the spring then you’ll have to put in the work now. Bulbs have to go into the ground before the first snows. By spring, it’s too late.

Here’s our list of bulb planting tips.

Get Your Trees Settled

Last month we gave you our tree round-up, a full list of every post we’ve ever done about trees. We did this because autumn is the ideal time to plant or transplant a tree into your yard or landscape.

Once the snows start falling it’s too late: the trees will already be in their winter stage.

If you can do it within the next two weeks, so much the better.

Get Your Free Fence Estimate

Did you know we install fences in winter? It’s true. We’ll keep right on adding fences until the ground freezes over.

In fact, the colder months are some of the best times to pursue a new fence, gazebo, or pergola. You’re not going to be outdoors as much, which means the construction process won’t interfere with any of your back yard fun.

Do it now, and your new structure will be waiting in the spring. If you get a fence, just make sure you familiarize yourself with winter fence care.

If you live anywhere in the Milwaukee metro area we’ll be happy to come on out and see you. Our gorgeous Northern White Cedar fences look great all year round!

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